Wednesday, December 29, 2010

~ Christmas is Gone ~

Hi everyone.. how are you ?~!~?  I hope you all had a GREAT Christmas !  I did.  We spent it at my Lady's house.  She cooked some great food, and gave us wicked gifts ! ... She gave me a GPS which i very much needed since i dont know my way around ! and ... and ..!! a CUDDLEBUG ! ... i am very excited with this one.. i have already embossed lots of paper ! and made a few cards with it. i love it ! as i knew i would.  She also surprised me and my sister with an early christmas trip.. It was a lot of fun ... my sister and i had NO IDEA where we were going .. the anticipation was almost tooo much ! ... She took us to pick out jewlery ! .. i love birds as you may know already if you have read my previous posts.. so I picked out some beautiful owl earrings ! they are gorgeous ! ... along with a couple other pieces.  She just spoils me and my sister with everything she gives us. we love it !! lol. ... thats not all but i wont list it all lol... she also got my son some awesome gifts .. that made my night watching him open them ! he is just sooo cute ! he said.. oohhh WWOOOW ... lol... His excitement was a gift all on its own.  My husband did good this year as well.. he got me a tablet ! which I LOVE ! . He also recieved reallyyy nice gifts from my Lady!!  .... What are some of the things you guys got ?? I would love to hear what you recieved ... and how excited your were !! ... Now it is time to plan a New Years party !! It is also my husband's birthday... yep.. he is a new years baby ! :) ... so we have a New Years / Birthday party. ... Well I hope everyone is staying warm, And I wish to all of you a very Happy and SAFE New Years !!    God Bless you allll !!!

( *Stay Safe* )
    ~Nothing but Love ~!~

Thursday, December 23, 2010

~ One more attempt ~

So I have given myself one more chance to win some blog candy... again cross your fingers for me :) cause like i said .. i never win anything... so i need alll the luck i can get !! .... we alll need to chant together... Win Krystal Win.. Win Krystal Win... lol.... ... You can check out her blog page by clicking on the link over on my side bar. Floral Fantasies is her blog name, she has some really pretty work so check it out.  Im excited about her blog candy cause she has those lil stamps  i have been wanting forever and i see also , some bird cage stamps.. i love birds !!! ... okay.. so i hope all of you have a great day !!!!

( *Stay Warm* )
    ~I'm Outieeee

~ Fingers Crossed ~

Hey everyone ... I know i have been quiet for a lil while ... But i have had a lot going on.  Getting ready for Christams and my poor husband has been soooo sick !! So i have been playing nurse trying to get him better.  He has been doing pretty bad for a week now.  So say a prayer for me so he will get better soon .. Thank you !! .....How are all of you doing ???  Ready for Christams ?? I hope so being that Christmas Eve is tomorrow !! ................ Well on a different note... I have signed up to try and win some cute Blog candy on Kristy Youngs blog page.  It is full of these cute little stamps that i have been wanting for a lil while now ! It would be great if i won ! I never win anything !! :( ... So fingers crossed for me !! :)  She also has some reallly pretty cards that she has made.  I have a link to her blog over on my side bar.  .... Well i hope you all have a very Happy and SAFE Christmas !! God Bless you alll !!

( *Stay Warm* )
    ~I'm Outiieee

Friday, December 17, 2010

~My First Mini Album~

Hey Hey,... Hope everyone had a great day !! This week has been soooo beautiful here.... at least to me.  IT has been raining!! I love it ~!~  Beautiful sky, cool breeze and the sound of rain outside = The best kind of weather :) .... Since I have been feeling better, I have worked on my paperbag album.  I am happy with the way it turned out, this is my first book i have ever made.  I enjoyed working on it and have already started another album (not a paper bag album though).   Here are just a couple pictures of it so you can see it.(There are also tags inside every page) I will be posting it on ebay soon, along with all the other Christmas items that my design team has posted.  You can check everything out by just typing in JAFDT in the search bar on ebay.  There is a variety of items, such as... Layouts, cards, paper bag albums, tear bears and pendants.. check us out :) ... So now for those pictures :) ...

( *! Smile !* )
    ~I'm ouuuttiieeee

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

~My Christmas Tree ~

Hi everyone... I'm finally feeling better.  It's about time right !?!! ... And I finally got my Christmas tree up.  Brandon, my little boy, helped me.  He likes all the ornaments, he goes up and looks at them and touches them softly.  He is so good about not being rough with anything.  I feel behind, since I wanted to have it up the first of december, but I'm glad I was finally able to get it done.  Here are a few pictures so you can see what he and i worked on :).

He is being silly in this picure messing with his ears... :)

He really was help... Here he is putting the branches in for me....We had fun! munched on gingerbread cookies and had soft christmas music playing in the background to help the Christmas mood...

 ( *Keep Smiling* )
    Im outieeeee

Friday, December 10, 2010

~Another Pic. By Me~

Hope you guys aren't getting sick of looking at pictures!!      I'm starting to feel a lil better, so hopefully soon I will be able to work on some stuff and show it off. :)  I hope everyone had a great week, and has a fun and Safe weekend.  God Bless !....
... I took this picture while at the beach a while ago ... It was just a beautiful day.  I know I say this a lot..but... Look at that sky !! just gorgeous !

( *Stay Strong* )
    ~Im Outiieee

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

~ More Photos I've Taken ~

HI everyone.. Hope your day is going well.... Nothing crafty today... still not feeling too good so didnt get to make anything... but i did want to share some more photos I've taken.  I love looking up at the sky when it's full of nice dark clouds... and well the day i took these it was gorgeous ! Almost looks like a bad storm coming, doesn't it ??  I just had to photograph it.  I also like trees when they look all halloween-y.. so i love the way these trees are in the photos as well.  Hope you guys like my lil picutres... Have a Wonderful day ...byeeee.

( *Stay Strong* )

    ~I'm Outie

~ Shock collars... Like them or Not ? ~

Hey Hey... How's everyones day been ?? ... Mine.. not so good been feeling a lil sick since yesterday :( not fun.  Sore throat, head hurting... all that stuff.... but hopefully I'll get better soooon cause I have been wanting to make some stuff, but just haven't had the energy to do so. ... Anyways.... Have any of you put a shock collar on your dog ?? I always thought,.. oh how awful.. poor dog... ... UNTIL I got my new dog .. lol ... He is a beautiful.. ( well in my eyes he is beautiful of course :) )  German Shephard I named Lobo..... A couple months back he started with serious excessive barking ... Made me CRAZY !! and I know the poor neighboors had to hate it as well... sssssssssooooooooo we got him a brand nnnew collar ;) .... It worked like a charm !!! NO more barking.. it was GREAT !! ... I left it on him for about a month, then like a week ago I took it off, I knew he would probably appreciate the break from it, and I was hoping that it made a big enough impression on him so that I wouldn't have to put it back on. Well, IT WORKED !! :) He hardly ever barks... and now when he does I know he actually has a reason.  So my verdicted on shock collars is... I like them.  If used correctly of course ! ... It trained him well.  Now I ( and my neighboors, i'm sure) am very happy.  :) .... I just thought I would share that lil bit with everyone... see if any of you have success stories :) ... I hope the rest of the week goes Perfectly for you alll...

  ( *Stay Strong* )

~I'm Outie

Monday, December 6, 2010

~Snowman Christmas Card~

Hi everyone... how are you guys doing this week ?? Have a good weekend ? I did... I went bowling with my husband and some of his friends from work... I havent bolwed in forever!! but it was a lot of fun.  Then afterwards i went out dancing... I LoVe to dance !!! :) .... so yeah that was my weekend... My Lady had my son alll weekend which he enjoyed a lot, he loves his Na Na... So now to the crafy stuff ;) ... This is a lil snowman card i made... I think he turned out cute.... I have glitter (stickles) all over him... so it catchs the light beautifuly... the inside I handstamped with different sized snowflakes the lil tag that reads Merry Christmas is layered and raised as are the sliver and blue snowflakes.... Also i added a removable tag that you can write something extra on... here it is, hope you guys like him!! ... have a GREAT day !!!

( *Keep Smiling* )

    ~I'm Outie

Saturday, December 4, 2010

~ Black and Red Christmas ~

Hiiiee.. how is everyone ???  sooo... I never did get my christmas tree up  !! ... Just didnt happen, so I'm now hoping i can get it up on sunday. ... I now have my black and red christmas card all done and ready to show off :) .. there is deminsion on the front just like my angel card.  The small banner reads Joy and pops off the page a lil and the fairy is layered and raised.  I love adding deminsion to my cards.  I also have glittery accents on the banner and fairy.  Looks so pretty in the light.... Here it is... I hope you guys like it.. let me know what you think :) ..I posted it on ebay along with all the other beautiful items from my Just a Few Design Team. ( (oh and im very happy to say that not only has my black and white card sold.. so has the angel card that i just posted ! :) so so happy about that. )) Hope everyone has a GREAT day  !! and a fun and safe weekend !!

(here you can see the deminsion a lil easier )

( *Keep Smiling*)
    ~I'm Outie

Thursday, December 2, 2010

~ My angel Christmas card ~

Hello hello... Hope everyone's day is going well.  I finished my angel card last night, and would like to show you guys how it turned out... There is lots of deminsion to this card, which I love.  The banner pops off the page, and the angel and flower petals are raised. I just posted this card on ebay. The Just a Few Design Team has lots of christmas stuff up right now, so go take a look... we can be found easily by typing in JAFDT in the ebay search bar.  :)  Hope you like it :)

( * Keep Smiling * )

    ~ I'm Outie !

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

~ December 1st Already ?? ~

Okay.... so.... I cant believe December is here already.  Time is going by way way too fast.  Dont you think? Tomorrow I plan on getting my beautiful Christmas tree out and decorating it.  That should be fun, because I know my lil boy is going to be very excited to see everything. I have a white tree that I decorate in black and red, with red lights.  It looks so nice at night, it glows red.... sooo pretty.  Hopefully it will look nice when I'm all done with it, so i can post a picture of it to give you a look~see :) What colors do you guys decorate your tree in ?? Well, I hope everyone had a great day today !~! ... byeee

( *Keep smiling* )

I'm Outie

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

~ Baby Giraffe ~

Hi everyone ... I hope your day has gone well :)  ... Mine has been good, another rainy day.  I would like to share another picture that i took a couple years back of a baby giraffe.  I think its a funny picture, they are just so awkward ... lol...  Here is the lil guy.

Monday, November 29, 2010

~ Rain Rain Rain ~

Today is Gorgeous !! It has been raining allll day and the sky is nice and dark. This weather relaxes me so much.  I really wish it would rain more often.  My baby and I sat outside for a lil while so we could enjoy the cool beautiful day.  Any of you like the rain?  Everyone I tell this too says im but I love it, always have. My cat came running up wanting to get in the house, he was funny! He was soaked and you could tell he was mad..haha... he just sat there looking at me like.. i hate you, open the door ! ... haha...  That is all for now, i just wanted to share a lil bit about my day, hope everyone is doing great.

~ I'm outie !

~ Decisions Decisions ~

Hello hello ... How did everyone's weekend go ? Mine went really well, spent it out and about enjoying the cool weather.  My next outing will be to look at bird cages.  I love birds and am now trying to make my mind up on whether to get an Orange Weaver Finch or an Owl Finch.  About two years back I had a Rice Java Finch, Jasmine was her name, that I loved !! She was beautiful, solid snow white with a bright orange beak.  The song she sang everyday was very relaxing to me and unlike anything I had every heard before. (( R.I.P. Jasmine :(  ))... So I want to get another one that my son and I can enjoy together. They have wonderful personalities and are just soooo pretty.  Do any of you have either of these birds or ever had them?  Some tips or advice would be great to maybe help me make up my mind.  They are both beautiful so this is a hard decision for me.  Here is a picture of each bird so you can see for yourself how pretty each one is.  Let me know what you think... I might have to have everyone vote! lol ... if I cant make up my mind ;)

Here is the beautiful Owl Finch ... (female).. (( I like that Both the male AND female are pretty, unlike many other bird species where only the male is pretty.. how unfair is that !! ))
The Orange Weaver ... (( I Love orange and black !! so I find this lil guy to be just gorgeous. ))
I forgot to mention one more I'm interested in ... This one has an amazingly long tail !! I LOVE it !
This one is a Pentailed Whydah... Gorgeous!!

Let me know what you think :)

Friday, November 26, 2010

~ Christmas Layout ~

Hi everyone, I hope your day went well.  Mine was good, I was out and about with my Lady and Brandon.  It was cold and rainy.... the perfect kind of weather !! :) ... I just finished my Christmas layout and wanted to share it.  This is the first layout I ever do, ... I hope you guys like it :) ... here it is ...( sorry if it doesnt look clear.. I used shinney paper, so it's a lil hard to photograph.)

~ After Thanksgiving ~

   Well it is the day after Thanksgiving.... and all those sales are going on.  Anyone go out and do the black friday shopping ??  Me and my mother went out for a lil bit, but thats about it.  It was a mad house !!  We havent done that in Years !  Anyone get any great deals ?? 
    My Thanksgiving went really nice.  Brandon played with my niece and nephew all day, and had a great time.  He even made himself a new lil friend, my sisters boyfriends sisters baby.. lol.. you get that ? Brandi did a great job with the meal she prepared for us all.  We had delisiouls turkey with tons of sides and my favorite bread rolls !! mmmmm gooood..... The air was full of good conversation, baby laughter and our stomachs full of good food.  So all in all it was a great day.  I hope everyone else's day went smoothly. Leave me some comments and let me know how the day went for you :)

I'm Outie

Thursday, November 25, 2010

~ Happy Thanksgiving ~

Hi everyone... I wanted to say Happy Thanksgiving to all of you !! I hope everyone has a great day full of gooood foood and good company.  We always have Thanksgiving at my Lady's house (my mother), she always puts out a grand meal for us to feast upon. mmmmm gooood... But this year my sister decided she wants to cook it allll on her own. Of course my mother will be in the kitchen supervising (thank goodness).  I know she will do a great job and I am looking forward to tasting everything she cooks !! :)   ... Feel free to leave me some comments letting me know how your Thanksgiving Day went.
May God bless you and your families.

~ I'm outie

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

~ A picture I took ~

This is nothing crafty :) but I still wanted to share it... I took this picture sunday while my husband and I were out by the water enjoying the beautiful weather.  I love birds, and this crow was making such a presence up on that lamp post.  Also, look at the gorgeous sky ! Clouds allll over ! If you have read my other posts you will know by now I love to see clouds in the sky, especially a nice dark sky. :)   Well thats all for now.
  ~ I'm outie

~ My Pink Christmas Card ~

Hi everyone ... Hope the day is going well for you.  Mine ... not so good... only because it was time for my baby to get his shots. :(  He looked so pitiful when he was crying and looked at me like... why are you letting them do this to me.. I hated it !! ... .........But on a happy note for today, I am posting the card I made for Pink Christmas. I hope you like it :) ... I rarely do anything pink so this was differnt for me but I liked the way it turned out.  I will be posting this card on ebay real soon.  It is part of the Just a Few Design Teams 12 Days of Christmas we are doing.  You can find us easily... just type JAFDT in the search bar on ebay. :)

I hope everyone has a wonderful day and that no one is too stressed trying to get ready for Thanksgiving ;)

Monday, November 22, 2010

Wonderful Day

Hi everyone ... I hope that the day is going well for all of you out there.  Mine has started out to be a wonderful day, and I hope it stays that way. I woke up to find that my card i recently posted on ebay, the black and white card I have shown on here a couple posts back, has sold.  :) My very first item ever  ! Very exciting :) ... Today is also wonderful for me because the weather is just how i like it.  There are clouds all in my grey sky, it has been sprinkling on and off, its cool and there is a very relazing breeze blowing through the trees. So now that I have taken in the beautiful day outside and spent some time with my playful puppy, Lobo, I have drawn back the curtains on the window I sit in front of in my craftroom and am ready to create some more items for my design teams, (JustAFewDesignTeam), 12 Days of Christmas.  :)  Hopefully I get lots done.  ... Have a Blessed day
I'm Outie

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Days Fly By

... Well another day and night went by and I didnt do anything crafty ... I did get some house work in though, which is a good thing ... but not fun ! lol ... Just seems like i dont have enough time in the day to do what needs to be done and what i WANT to do.  The days just fly by. its Friday.. what happened to wednesday ! ? I keep saying that i need a pause button for life.  Especially when it comes to my lil boy.  I feel as though I just had him and he is already two !! I just cant get over that.  Even my dog is growing up too fast.  He was just a lil fluff ball what seems like yesterday and now I have this big guard dog in my back yard.  I think someone switched them out when i wasnt looking.  When i stop and think about all these fly by days it is almost stressful.  There are so many things that i put off ... by saying oh ill do it tomorrow , and i never do.  There is always someting else i have to get done.  Anyone else do this or feel overwhelmed with life ? ... I think we all need to take just a lil time out of our days to spend on OURSELVES and not feel quilty about it.  We need to be able to brush off all the stress that piles on.  The other night i went outside and it was so nice and cool, there was a breeze the swept over my face and through my hair.  It was very relaxing to stand there under the moons light and just take in the peace and quiet. There were no sounds of traffic or loud stereos passing by, just the sounds of the wind passing through the trees.  That is the moment that i was able to really relax, and find that peace within again.  What gives you back your peace within ?? Is it sitting in a comfy spot and reading your favorite book ? ... or writing ?  or drawing , or sipping on a cup of hot tea or coffee??  Whatever it is, I think we need to do more of it.  I think people would be so much happier in life if they took a lil time out of thier day and just let go of all the negative or all the stress or all the worries that weigh down on them.  I have spoke to people who say things like.. hmm I used to draw.  and they sound so sad, like if that part of them died.  Cause life gets in the way.  Well,.. dont let that happen!  Leave me some comments letting me know how you find that peace within.  ... Thats all for now :)   I hope everyone has a GREAT day ! 
~ I'm Outie

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

~ Just a lil Hello ~

Just wanted to say Helllo :) ... Hope everyones day is going well.  The rain here has stopped and I miss it already.  Boring skies here today, not a cloud in sight. :(  ... Hopefully my clouds will come back soon.  Well last night I was up working on some christmas stuff, that I will be posting on ebay, and on here to give everyone a looks-seee :) .... The Just a few Design team is going to be putting out a lot of christmas items, so i have a lot to work on, but I'm excited about all the things we are putting together.  Thats all for now, just wanted to say HHHEEYYYY :)
~ I'm outie

Monday, November 15, 2010

~ My card I made for the Just A Few Design Team's card challenge ~

  Well I finally, after a few frustrations, got my card listed on ebay... Along with my card you will also be able to find the ones made by my fellow team ladies.  Check us out by doing a search on ebay by entering in JAFDT in the ebay search bar.  Okay here is my lil card... I love birds so on the front I put these two lil birdies,I cut them out and layered them so there would be some deminsion to the card. I hope you like it :)

~ Hi Everyone

Hi everyone ... I'm excited to finally get my blog up and running.  I will be posting a card I just finished later on today, so leave me some comments let me know what you think :) ... Also, i am VERY excited to say that I am now a proud member of a GREAT design team.! It's called Just a feww Design Team... This team is full of friendly, energetic and very talented ladies.  We are getting ready to put a lot of Christmas items on ebay real soon .. So come and check us out.  You can find us very easly by just typing in JAFDT in the search bar on ebay. The card I will be posting later on there is actually a card challenge we just finished, I am anxious to see the cards all the other ladies made, they are all just so talented.  That is all for now, I hope everyone has a great day today !! ... Im enjoying my day here in sunny Florida ... cause ... well... its rainning ! I LOVE the rain, not so big on allll the sunshine allll the okay that really is all for now.