Thursday, January 19, 2012

~ New Member To The Familia ~

Sssooo ... I now have a new puppy. :) He is so cute and has a great lil personality. He is 6 weeks 4 days.. such a tiny baby ! ... He has given me inspiration to try out a doggie themed album ! I havent done one before, so I hope it turns out nice.... I'm going to keep you guys updated on him so you can watch him grow up with me ! :) ... He is already learning his first command... Speak ! ... He is a very smart pup... Thank God ! lol ..... I made a video introducing him, so if you'd like to see what he looks like you can Click Here :)... Hope you think he is as cute as I do ! .. I hope everyone of you has a great day !! Take care !

~  Nothing but Love

~ Good Days ~

Hiii ! :) ..... How is everyone ???...I had a wonderful day today ... Just one of those days that is stress free and you are loving everyone and everything ! ... I was full of energy and just feeling good :) I wish days like this for all of you ! ........ So moving on from my hippie talk lol ... I recently made a corner bookmark and liked it so much that I made a lil tutorial on how to make one of your own :) I really enjoy reading ((on my own time that is,,, not so much what school makes me read ! lol)) .... it is like an escape for me; I allow the story consume me and I'm in a whole other world....... So if you make one for yourself you can enjoy your little creations, even while you read :).... .. Here it is ... I hope you have fun !

Nothing but Love !

Monday, January 16, 2012

~ Lazy Days ~

So today has been quite lazy for me ... I haven't done anything crafty alllll day.  I watched some movies, did some homework - BLAH ! - .... and threw my knives for a lil while.  Yes you read right, I said I was throwing knives lol. When I'm not crafting I'm knife throwing... I find it to be fun and stress releasing :) I had wanted a set of for a while, and finally got some this past Christmas.  I don't practice with them as much as I would like to, but I'm getting better and better.  I have set up a target now to make it a lil more challenging :)..  So I would like to know what you guys so to release stress.  I am open to new ideas ! A good friend of mine keeps telling me to work out, which I really want to start doing, so I can lose some wieght ! But just never seem to have enough energy ! I need to get with it though .. I wish I had a personal trainer that would come and pull me out of bed and Force me to work out haha.. that would be Great !! So yeah, back to my question.. how do you guys release stress ?? ...crafting? reading? walking? screaming into a pillow?? hahaha ..........anyways.. Here is a picture of my Bulls eye !! I was very proud of myself lol !

Oh !! There are still new projects to come from the Pride, so make sure you check back with us :) I hope everyone has a puurrrrfect day !!

Nothing but Love

Friday, January 13, 2012

~ Create Along With The Pride ~

Hi everyone ... how are you ??!! It's been a while sice my last posting, but I have been busy creating :) ... Not only that, I am now apart of a "Pride", that has Very talented ladies ! ... We will be doing one or two projects every month, and sharing our creations with you.  We would like to encourage you to create along with us, cause not only are we challenging each other to get into our craft rooms and use up all our goodies, but you as well.  This will be like a mini Hop... So there will be a list of the the other ladies' blogs for you to check out.  Some of us will be giving away a few goodies so be sure to follow and comment for your chance to win ! :) ... Our first project was to include teapots or teacups.... and I did a simple lil project to Welcome my followers and my new followers to the new activity :) ... Here are a few pictures ... It's a lil wall hang....... hanging from the lil bows are words I think go with what we are doing,... we are Creating... making Friends along the way... Inspiring and being Inspired... and of course, Smiling the whole way :) ....

Now you can go check out what the other ladies in the Pride came up with.... 
... If you came across my blog first you should head over to Elsa's Blog to be sure you are able to see everyones blog in order :)
From here you go to Kimi's Blog to see what she made :)
.. Remember to follow and comment for your chance to win any goodies ! :) have fun hopping.

Nothing but Love