Sunday, June 26, 2011

~ KITS to be shipped ~

Hi everyone ... how has your weekend been ??... mine has been great ... I finally completed all the kits and they will be shipped out tomorrow. (monday) Thank you so very much to all of you who purchased one.  :) ..... Along with finishing up all the kits, I went to the beach yesterday with my baby and my Lady.  It was pure paradise ... The sky was Gorgeous, the temperature was Just right ! not too hot....and the water was unbelievably clear ... I swam and swam and swam !! :) We all had such a good time...( I'll post some pictures soon so you can see) ...... also this weekend I finished all my algebra homework ! feels good to have that out of the way.. now I start a new week and start all over again lol ... Bring it on ! ....... I wish you all a Great week ... and stay tuned for the date on the Ustream class  :) .... Take care !

Nothing but love

Saturday, June 18, 2011

~ Finally The KIT ~

Hey people ! So I'm finally feeling better, and have had time to get the Kit out for the mini album thats posted below.  I have a video up showing everything you will get in the kit... You can see that Here . :)  OR by clicking up top on "Items For Sale" :) ... I hope everyone is having a Great weekend !!


    Nothin but Love

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

~ Been Sick :( ~

Hey you guys ... So I just wanted to make a quick post, saying that I've been soo sick and thats why I havent posted the kit for the mini I showed during my mother's Ustream class.  If you attended her class you already know I was getting sick.. well after that night I went dooowwnnn quick ! ... Hopefully I will be better Sooon! So we can get the class scheduled ! ... Well I hope you are all having a Great week ! ... Take care !

( *Stay Healthy* )
    Nothin but Love !

Sunday, June 12, 2011

~ It's Been A While ~

Hi everyone.... How are you guys ?? I hope everything is going great in everyones lil world :) ... I haven't posted in a while.. but I'm still here !! lol .... been busy with school and my BaBy so havent had time to craft much ... Last thing I made was the mini album .. That I finally got recorded today, and you can watch it on my youtube channel Here .  I had some problem uploading the video of the kit for this book, but it will be up by tomorrow hopefully.  Or being that it is One in the morning... some time today lol.....  .... So I took a math test Thursday ... Cant wait to see my grade !! I think I did well !!! .... I'll let you guys know what I made... if I did good that is.. hahaha.. Okay well... I hope you guys all had a Great weekend ! ... Take Care

    Nothin but Love