Thursday, March 29, 2012

~ Blog Hop Coming Soooon ~

Hi everyone ... keep a look out for the Pride's upcoming Blog Hop ... on blogs near you ! ;)

Nothing but Love


Friday, March 23, 2012

~ My New Store ~

Hi everyone ... Thank you to everyone who participated in The Pride's mini blog hop ! And for all of the sweet sweet comments!! Every nice word encourages me to continue crafting :) ..... ... Now I would like to tell you guys about my new store :) My  Zibbet store , where I have been posting all of my new colors of crocheted flowers and butterflies.  I will be adding more to it very soon , like more of my lil butterflies :) .... So for those who said you were interested in my Flowers and Butterflies check out my new store so you can find the colors you like the best... If you see colors you like, but I don't have them in a set, feel free to email me at and I will put a custom set together just for you, cause I love you guys like that ! lol  :) ..... I hope everyone has a Great day !!!

Nothing but Love

Saturday, March 17, 2012

~ Feeling Lucky ? ~

Hiee ... I hope everyone is doing great today !!   The Pride has been creating again ... This month our project was a Green Theme .... I enjoy our mini challenges because it encourages me to use colors I dont usually use.... gets me out of my norm, :) ... ... On to the exciting news ! .....  The Pride has a Great Giveaway that a lucky someone could win ! You can see pictures of what will be given on my Mother's blog.  ... .... Now about what I made :) ............ This time around I did another easel card ( my favorite to make !) but what I really enjoyed about my project was that I was able to use my own embellishments ! I have been crocheting and incorporated my lil flowers and four leaf clovers in my card... I am happy with how it turned out.... The pictures didnt turn out very well :( not sure why... but it is very shimmery from the stickeles I applied to the front and inside, but the camara didnt really pick it up.... anyways here are pictures so you can have a look-see :) .. Oh!... If this is your first stop then you need to jump back to my mother Elsa's blog  to check out what she has been up to :) now for those pictures....

So theres my card and flowers I made :) Kinda like two projects in one :) .....  Thank you to everyone who has emailed me about my flowers ! I have new colors coming :) ..... ..... noooow you can hop over to Kimi's Blog to see what she has made... Remember to leave comments on everyones post for your chance to when the giveaway !! :) Good Luck

~Nothing but Love


Thursday, March 8, 2012

~ Crochet Sets ~

I finally have my Buy Now buttons ! :) Thank you to everyone for your wonderful emails letting me know you are interested ! :) ... The sets are $4.75 each plus $1.88 shipping ... The sets include 2 butterflies and four flowers, that you can use serperately or layer, as seen below.  To select the colors you are interested in use the drop down menu and click on the colors available.


Burgundy  &  Black
Pink  &  Black

Thank you guys so much for stopping by and showing love !

~ Nothing but Love 


Wednesday, March 7, 2012

~ New Hobby ... Crocheting ~

Hi everyone ... I know I have been gone for a while.. but I'm back :) ... I have been working on a new hobby ... I have been crocheting flowers and cute lil butterflies.... I love how they have turned out ! I will be selling them in different sets.... should you want a single color, or certain colors together that I dont have posted please email me at and let me know what you would like and we will work something out ...  Here are pictures of my lil creations.... ...


Thanks so much for stopping by!!
Nothing by love~