Saturday, October 29, 2011


Hi everyone ! how have you guys been ?? I've been so busy here lately.  My baby and school keep me going and going and going.  Which isn't a bad thing, except I miss crafting !! and miss chatting with you guys ! I have recieved emailes from people who aren't able to view Ustream but want to see how to make the pages I've done in my Ustream classes, so I'm planning on doing the same pages but on YouTube. So hopefully you guys can follow along on there :) ..... So ! my baby boys birthday is comeing up real soon !! Novemeber 7th he turns 3 years old !! I'm hating how quickly he is growing. :( I really wish he would slow down... I feel as though I just had him !........................ He is excited with his halloween costume , he is going to be a Ninja ... I tried it on him the other day, and he was so cute, he immediately went into ninja mode and was doing all these cool moves I didn't even know he had ! lol .... Well I hope that all of you have a Great weekend ! and if I dont get to post before Halloween... have a GREAT Halloween !!!! It's my favorite holiday ... well Take Care everyone.

Nothing but Love