Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Scavenger Hunt with the Pride Day 2

Hi I hope everyone is doing great this weekend! My "lady" made some cute svg files and let all of us have them! Then she decided we should share them with everyone else!! How nice was that? Well I made this cute card using all the layers but being that Blogger hates me now a days It will not show my pictures!!! So I will try again to post the images tomorrow but please go on to the next lioness on our Scavenger Hunt and see what awesome card she created with the 5 layers she cut.  I don't even know if Blogger will let me post this much so Im going to cut it short and try again later. This is the 5th time I try to do this!! ahhhh!! so frustrated! 
Please head on to my sister Lioness Kimi  -- and come visit me later today and see if I have been able to post my pictures and more details on the Hunt!
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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

~ The Pride is in Valentine's Day Spirit ~

Hi everyone .... The Pride has been busy creating more projects and we are ready to share them with all of you. :) .... We are welcoming the month of February ((my mothers birthday month)) with open arms.  Our first post on the first of February was a color project... We each had to use the colors red and pink, and also include some flowers in whatever we chose to make.... Since I enjoy making cards, that is what I did :) Instead of just incorporating the colors pink and red, that is all I used; and I love how it turned out :) ... I also stamped and colored some cute lil love birds on the front.. since I LOVE birds... I'm jealous of ... I want to fly !!! yes , Im crazy :) ... anyways... here are a few pictures of my lil creation.  ....  ((( If you are starting at my blog be sure to take a step back to Elsa's Blog to see what she has created :) )))

There is it :) Hope you guys like it ! now you can hop over to Kimis Blog to see what she has to share with everyone ....

ALSO ... I apologize for all the missing pictures on my blog :( I have no idea what happened.. I am sooo sooo upset about this.... It is going to take me FOREVER to repost all of my pictures.... :( so sad

Nothing but Love