Sunday, February 5, 2012

Scavenger Hunt with the Pride Day 2

Hi I hope everyone is doing great this weekend! My "lady" made some cute svg files and let all of us have them! Then she decided we should share them with everyone else!! How nice was that? Well I made this cute card using all the layers but being that Blogger hates me now a days It will not show my pictures!!! So I will try again to post the images tomorrow but please go on to the next lioness on our Scavenger Hunt and see what awesome card she created with the 5 layers she cut.  I don't even know if Blogger will let me post this much so Im going to cut it short and try again later. This is the 5th time I try to do this!! ahhhh!! so frustrated! 
Please head on to my sister Lioness Kimi  -- and come visit me later today and see if I have been able to post my pictures and more details on the Hunt!
Nothing but love


  1. Girl , Dont you fret. Blogger will settle down and soon things will be back to normal.. Cant wait to see the pictures of your layers !!

  2. Hey girly - sorry for all the Blogger problems! Can't wait to see your creation! xoxo, Linda

  3. awww Krystal I am so sorry that blogger is not playing nice!! I hope it is all sorted out soon. Looking forward to seeing your creation when it does