Tuesday, July 3, 2012

~ Happy 4th Of July ~

 Happy 4th of July everyone ! I hope your day goes perfectly... We are going down town to watch " The big fireworks that take up the sky ! " , as my baby says :)  I love the big BOOM! noise they make ... its my favorite part. :)   So now moving on to the crafty stuff.  The Pride has been busy creating Stars and Stripes themed projects.  This month, like last month, I have stepped out of the box and made something other than a card or layout.  I have made Pinwheels.  yessss Pinwheels ! never made them before, but I am happy with how they turned out.  I think they would look cute as table decor for the 4th of July feast ! :)  Oh! I almost forgot , if you have landed here first be sure to take a jump back to My Mother's blog to be sure you don't miss anyone in the line up :) ... Now for my pictures ...

I stamped stars on the white one, and added ribbon to dangle down for the stripes :)
For the red one, I dangled stars from the ribbon :) I Love them ....

So there they are ... Now pounce over to Kimi's Blog to see what she has to show !
 Thank you for stopping by and participating in The Pride's lil hop.

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