Saturday, December 8, 2012

~ Christmas Blog Hop ~

Hi ! How is everyone? I hope all is great in everyone's world. :)  The Pride has been in the holiday spirit and busy making our very own homemade Christmas ornaments.  We hope to inspire all of you to create something that you can show off as part of your Christmas decor.
    This year I went completely out of my realm and made my Christmas tree colorful ! I was really scared of what it would look like, but I'm soooo happy with how it is turning out... I have a bit more I need to do to it, then I will be able to post pictures. I want to know what you guys think of it of course ! :) ... So for my ornaments I went a lil funky. (at least I think so)  I created lil crocheted birds. I just LOVE birds !!! I added some feathers and a lil beak to complete the look and I really like them. :) My baby also had to create one of his own, so I made him the body and let him pick out the feathers he wanted.  After he chose his colors I had him place them where he wanted them to go and I glued them down... I must say... I think I like his lil bird better than the two I made ! His is soooo going on my tree.  okay so enough talking about all that, on with the hope ! If you have pounced here first please prowl back a lil bit to My Lady's blog to see the ornament she has created.  Now for some pics of the lil birdies me and my son made :) hope you like :)

My pink & black bird (her name is Cro)
 My pink & green bird (and her name is Shae)
 So there are my lil birdie ornaments, Cro & Shae ... get it? lol ;)

No here is my baby's Beautiful multicolored bird...I LOVE it !!!  He put head feathers on his ! and made it look like it was flying by putting the two purple feathers on the sides!... I was like, Why didn't I think of that ! lol

I'm not the only one that loved Brandon's bird. My Lady's puppy, Fernando, wanted to get a hold of it sooo bad ! he kept his eye on it and actually took it from Brandon's hand once.  My baby freaked out! as did I lol... but no harm was done :) ... animals were harmed in this posting haha

Thank you so much for hopping with The Pride ! Now you can pounce over to Kimi's Blog to check out her ornament!

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