Saturday, December 8, 2012

~ Christmas Blog Hop ~

Hi ! How is everyone? I hope all is great in everyone's world. :)  The Pride has been in the holiday spirit and busy making our very own homemade Christmas ornaments.  We hope to inspire all of you to create something that you can show off as part of your Christmas decor.
    This year I went completely out of my realm and made my Christmas tree colorful ! I was really scared of what it would look like, but I'm soooo happy with how it is turning out... I have a bit more I need to do to it, then I will be able to post pictures. I want to know what you guys think of it of course ! :) ... So for my ornaments I went a lil funky. (at least I think so)  I created lil crocheted birds. I just LOVE birds !!! I added some feathers and a lil beak to complete the look and I really like them. :) My baby also had to create one of his own, so I made him the body and let him pick out the feathers he wanted.  After he chose his colors I had him place them where he wanted them to go and I glued them down... I must say... I think I like his lil bird better than the two I made ! His is soooo going on my tree.  okay so enough talking about all that, on with the hope ! If you have pounced here first please prowl back a lil bit to My Lady's blog to see the ornament she has created.  Now for some pics of the lil birdies me and my son made :) hope you like :)

My pink & black bird (her name is Cro)
 My pink & green bird (and her name is Shae)
 So there are my lil birdie ornaments, Cro & Shae ... get it? lol ;)

No here is my baby's Beautiful multicolored bird...I LOVE it !!!  He put head feathers on his ! and made it look like it was flying by putting the two purple feathers on the sides!... I was like, Why didn't I think of that ! lol

I'm not the only one that loved Brandon's bird. My Lady's puppy, Fernando, wanted to get a hold of it sooo bad ! he kept his eye on it and actually took it from Brandon's hand once.  My baby freaked out! as did I lol... but no harm was done :) ... animals were harmed in this posting haha

Thank you so much for hopping with The Pride ! Now you can pounce over to Kimi's Blog to check out her ornament!

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Saturday, November 17, 2012

The Prides Thanksgiving Blog HoP

Hi everyone ! so I have been gone a while I know :( and I hate it .. but ! I now have internet! very happy about this. I'm really going to try and make time to post more like I used to.  now getting to the fun stuff.  This month the Pride is bringing to you our Thanksgiving Hop...the theme was Thanksgiving or fall and it was to be something you could decorate your home with.  I thought this was a cool idea because we often make items to either sell or give away, and this is something we can enjoy ourselves.  I decided to make a very simple lil votive cover to set on my kitchen table :) my son watched me make it and told me he really liked it.  so I'm completely happy with it because I was given his approval ;) I do plan on making two more so I can put them together and place them in the center of the table with some flowers around them.  If I don't post before Thanksgiving I want to wish you a very Blessed day surrounded by your loved ones and full of yummy food.  ....If you have stopped here first on this hop please pounce backwards to My Lady's Blog to see what kind of beautiful creation she came up with.  Ok, now for some pictures of my lil creation. 

I also wanted to show off the place mat my baby helped make at school... this will Definitely be on my table ! :)

So there it is.  Simple I know :) but I like it.   Now pounce over to Kimi's Blog to see what she has in her Den to show off !! :)   Thank you Everyone so much for hopping along with us.

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Saturday, September 22, 2012

~ Strut Your Style ~

Hi people ... I hope everyone is doing Great ! This month The Pride, Just a Few Friends, is doing a mini blog hop with a "Strut your Style" theme.  Now if you know anything about me, you know that I love Black and Red and anything with birds on it.  Well, this time I'm not using those usual colors.  I'm showing the more funky side.  I have made a mini album with oranges, browns, greens, blues, pinks, ... tons of colors !! When I'm not admiring shades of Red and Black I'm Loving the dark bright colors lol . :)  I will have to upload a video of this mini to my YouTube so you can see it better.  I designed this fold to hold 11 photos per page (13 if you count the big tag.)   If you haven't seen Elsa's Blog be sure to check her out, so not to miss anything ! :)
Here are a few photos. :)

 Thank you for stopping by ! :)  Now pounce over to Kimi's Blog to check out what she has to share.

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Monday, August 27, 2012

~ Waiting For The Storm ~

If you have been watching the news, you know that there is a Hurricane heading my way.  We are in the beautiful stage, at least in my opinion, of the storm.  Its nice and overcast out, windy, and Rain is coming !! Just pray there is no damage to my house !!!  Anyways... moving on to some crafty stuff.  I have made some cute Halloween beanies that I just LOVE ... My son, Brandon, really liked the ghost one, so I'm finishing one up for him, should be done later today.  Here are the Halloween beanies I have completed so far.  (((  Check out my Etsy shop to see my other creations :)  )))

Here is the Ghost :)

Lil' Frankenstein
More Halloween beanies are in the making :)  Take Care !!!
This one isn't Halloween, but wanted to share anyways :) ... Its a camo one ..
Nothing but Love <3

Sunday, August 19, 2012

~ I'm Still Here! + Beanies I've Made ~

Hi everyone... I know I have been missing for a while.  So much has been going on in life that has taken me away from posting :( no fun.  But I wanted to take advantage of the lil time I have and say Hi and that I Miss everyone... I hope you guys are doing great!  In this post I would also like to invite you guys to check out My Etsy and  My Zibbet Shop.  I have finally posted new beanies I've made. :) 

Here are a few pictures of my favorite ones :) ... The first one I Love ! and so does my mother ... from the colors to the style .... Its my very first Slouchy Beanie :) Hope you guys like !!

Then a football

Cutesy multicolored, with a Bow... I love bows ;)

I love the coloring in this one, the picture doesn't show too well...but I Love it !! It's like purple splatter :)

So there they are :) I hope you guys like them...

    ~Nothing but Love

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

~ Happy 4th Of July ~

 Happy 4th of July everyone ! I hope your day goes perfectly... We are going down town to watch " The big fireworks that take up the sky ! " , as my baby says :)  I love the big BOOM! noise they make ... its my favorite part. :)   So now moving on to the crafty stuff.  The Pride has been busy creating Stars and Stripes themed projects.  This month, like last month, I have stepped out of the box and made something other than a card or layout.  I have made Pinwheels.  yessss Pinwheels ! never made them before, but I am happy with how they turned out.  I think they would look cute as table decor for the 4th of July feast ! :)  Oh! I almost forgot , if you have landed here first be sure to take a jump back to My Mother's blog to be sure you don't miss anyone in the line up :) ... Now for my pictures ...

I stamped stars on the white one, and added ribbon to dangle down for the stripes :)
For the red one, I dangled stars from the ribbon :) I Love them ....

So there they are ... Now pounce over to Kimi's Blog to see what she has to show !
 Thank you for stopping by and participating in The Pride's lil hop.

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Sunday, June 17, 2012

~ Happy Father's Day ~

Happy Father's Day to all the big daddies out there !!   A special happy daddies day goes out to you !! you know who you are !

Nothing but Love

Saturday, June 9, 2012

~ Father's Day Keep-Sake-Picture Box ~

Hi everyone. :)  Time for another Pride project ... This months project is Father's Day themed.  I decided I would try and change it up a bit, and make something other than a card, since that seems to be all I make...  What I made is a keep-sake-picture box.  I will be putting a card inside, and adding pictures of my son on three sides of the box.  I hope you like what I've come up with :) ...
   We have added new Cubs to the Pride, so start at my Mothers blog so that you can see the new line up ! :) Have fun prowling through everyone's Den! ... Now for pictures of my box.

(I used bolts,washers, and screws to pull in the "manly" feel :) I love the screws as the feet !! )
Thanks for stopping by :) Now you can pounce over to Kimi's Blog to check out what beautiful creations she has to show off.

  ~Nothing but Love

Sunday, May 13, 2012

~ Happy Mother's Day ~

 He everyone. .. I know this is late in the day.. but I'm having internet problems :( .... I wanted to wish all the mommies out there a very Happy Mother's Day !! I hope all of you had a GREAT day !!!

Nothing but Love


Saturday, May 5, 2012

~ The Pride's Sketch Challenge ~

Hi everyone ... I have been gone for a while , I know :) School really takes up so much of my time ... It was nice to finally sit down and play with my paper again! This month the Pride is bringing you a Sketch Challenge !! We are encouraging all of you to play along and we would Love to see what you come up with.  There will be a Great Giveaway available !! Any Hello Kitty fans out there ???????????? well you will definitely want to check out the video Elsa has up on her YouTube to check out the cute giveaway... Check out Elsa's blog for all the details on how you can WIN  !!! :)  now on to my project... The Pride has done a Mother's Day themed layout sketch challenge. (That's a mouth full) ... I put bits of me and my mother into my layout.  As you may know she really likes butterflies and the color pink, and I LOVE birds and darker colors, (like the purple I used for the bottom layer of the photo spots)  Layouts are NOT my strong point.  This is only the second layout I've ever done.  So I hope you guys don't hate it !! :)  ... Oh! If you started here on my blog you need to back track to Elsa's Blog :) (( and remember to leave comments on everyone's blog :) ))  Now for my pictures :) ...

This layout has a little tag ^ so you can write about the photos, and add an extra photo. :)

So there it is !!  Now you can pounce over to Kimi's blog to see what beautiful project she has to show off.  Thank You to everyone who plays along and leaves us such wonderful comments. They really mean a lot to each of us in the Pride !

    Nothing but Love

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Saturday, April 7, 2012

~ Final Day Of The Hop ~

Hey hey :) ... sooo day two of the hop is here :( ... I really appreciate all of the kind comments everyone left me !! thank you thank you !!!! :) :) :) ........Remember to stop by my Mother's Blog  first so you dont miss anything :) .. Now for this post, I made some cute paper piecing bears dressed up as bunnies .. soo cute :) here they are...

Hope you like :)  ... Now you can pounce over to Kimi's blog to check out what she has to show off today :) Thank you so much for hopping with us ! and good luck on winning the giveaway !!

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Friday, April 6, 2012

~ Bouncity Bounce Bloggity Hop ~

Hi everyone ! Thank you for prowling with the Pride !! ... This hop works the same as all the others... in order to win the cool Candy posted on Elsa's Blog you need to visit and comment on each of our blogs :) Good luck to everyone, and have fun !  ... We have Kittens joining the Pride for this hop, so you will have even more goodies and beautiful creations to look at than before :) So lets get started shall we :) ... If you landed here first you need to pounce over to Elsa's Blog :) .... For my project I made this cute Easter easel card(say that five times fast ;) )... I added a sweet lil baby chick paper piecing I made and added glittery eggs and shinney butterflies to catch the light :)

The Easter stamp is embossed and the layered... and I love how it looks like the lil chick is looking at it :) ..... Hope you guys like.... Now you can pounce over to Kimi's Blog to see what she has to show you . Enjoy the hop !! and remember to check out the details of the Giveaway on Elsa's Blog , for your chance to win !

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Thursday, March 29, 2012

~ Blog Hop Coming Soooon ~

Hi everyone ... keep a look out for the Pride's upcoming Blog Hop ... on blogs near you ! ;)

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Friday, March 23, 2012

~ My New Store ~

Hi everyone ... Thank you to everyone who participated in The Pride's mini blog hop ! And for all of the sweet sweet comments!! Every nice word encourages me to continue crafting :) ..... ... Now I would like to tell you guys about my new store :) My  Zibbet store , where I have been posting all of my new colors of crocheted flowers and butterflies.  I will be adding more to it very soon , like more of my lil butterflies :) .... So for those who said you were interested in my Flowers and Butterflies check out my new store so you can find the colors you like the best... If you see colors you like, but I don't have them in a set, feel free to email me at and I will put a custom set together just for you, cause I love you guys like that ! lol  :) ..... I hope everyone has a Great day !!!

Nothing but Love

Saturday, March 17, 2012

~ Feeling Lucky ? ~

Hiee ... I hope everyone is doing great today !!   The Pride has been creating again ... This month our project was a Green Theme .... I enjoy our mini challenges because it encourages me to use colors I dont usually use.... gets me out of my norm, :) ... ... On to the exciting news ! .....  The Pride has a Great Giveaway that a lucky someone could win ! You can see pictures of what will be given on my Mother's blog.  ... .... Now about what I made :) ............ This time around I did another easel card ( my favorite to make !) but what I really enjoyed about my project was that I was able to use my own embellishments ! I have been crocheting and incorporated my lil flowers and four leaf clovers in my card... I am happy with how it turned out.... The pictures didnt turn out very well :( not sure why... but it is very shimmery from the stickeles I applied to the front and inside, but the camara didnt really pick it up.... anyways here are pictures so you can have a look-see :) .. Oh!... If this is your first stop then you need to jump back to my mother Elsa's blog  to check out what she has been up to :) now for those pictures....

So theres my card and flowers I made :) Kinda like two projects in one :) .....  Thank you to everyone who has emailed me about my flowers ! I have new colors coming :) ..... ..... noooow you can hop over to Kimi's Blog to see what she has made... Remember to leave comments on everyones post for your chance to when the giveaway !! :) Good Luck

~Nothing but Love