Sunday, August 19, 2012

~ I'm Still Here! + Beanies I've Made ~

Hi everyone... I know I have been missing for a while.  So much has been going on in life that has taken me away from posting :( no fun.  But I wanted to take advantage of the lil time I have and say Hi and that I Miss everyone... I hope you guys are doing great!  In this post I would also like to invite you guys to check out My Etsy and  My Zibbet Shop.  I have finally posted new beanies I've made. :) 

Here are a few pictures of my favorite ones :) ... The first one I Love ! and so does my mother ... from the colors to the style .... Its my very first Slouchy Beanie :) Hope you guys like !!

Then a football

Cutesy multicolored, with a Bow... I love bows ;)

I love the coloring in this one, the picture doesn't show too well...but I Love it !! It's like purple splatter :)

So there they are :) I hope you guys like them...

    ~Nothing but Love

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