Saturday, May 5, 2012

~ The Pride's Sketch Challenge ~

Hi everyone ... I have been gone for a while , I know :) School really takes up so much of my time ... It was nice to finally sit down and play with my paper again! This month the Pride is bringing you a Sketch Challenge !! We are encouraging all of you to play along and we would Love to see what you come up with.  There will be a Great Giveaway available !! Any Hello Kitty fans out there ???????????? well you will definitely want to check out the video Elsa has up on her YouTube to check out the cute giveaway... Check out Elsa's blog for all the details on how you can WIN  !!! :)  now on to my project... The Pride has done a Mother's Day themed layout sketch challenge. (That's a mouth full) ... I put bits of me and my mother into my layout.  As you may know she really likes butterflies and the color pink, and I LOVE birds and darker colors, (like the purple I used for the bottom layer of the photo spots)  Layouts are NOT my strong point.  This is only the second layout I've ever done.  So I hope you guys don't hate it !! :)  ... Oh! If you started here on my blog you need to back track to Elsa's Blog :) (( and remember to leave comments on everyone's blog :) ))  Now for my pictures :) ...

This layout has a little tag ^ so you can write about the photos, and add an extra photo. :)

So there it is !!  Now you can pounce over to Kimi's blog to see what beautiful project she has to show off.  Thank You to everyone who plays along and leaves us such wonderful comments. They really mean a lot to each of us in the Pride !

    Nothing but Love


  1. Krystal!! really love your take on the looks so pretty!! This is only your second one? REALLY!!! wow!!

  2. Wow thank you for you comment Kimi ! made me feel good :)

    nothing but love


  3. Great way to interpet the sketch! I can;t wait to enter mine!