Thursday, January 19, 2012

~ Good Days ~

Hiii ! :) ..... How is everyone ???...I had a wonderful day today ... Just one of those days that is stress free and you are loving everyone and everything ! ... I was full of energy and just feeling good :) I wish days like this for all of you ! ........ So moving on from my hippie talk lol ... I recently made a corner bookmark and liked it so much that I made a lil tutorial on how to make one of your own :) I really enjoy reading ((on my own time that is,,, not so much what school makes me read ! lol)) .... it is like an escape for me; I allow the story consume me and I'm in a whole other world....... So if you make one for yourself you can enjoy your little creations, even while you read :).... .. Here it is ... I hope you have fun !

Nothing but Love !


  1. hi girl, long time since we spoke life has been so busy lol love the book mark might have to have ago after finished my travel journal god i need to get organized he he he so what books do you like ot read and who are your fav authors? love and hugs

  2. @vikkie ... hey girlie.. it has been a while ... life always gets in the way ! .. I used to read Stephen King a lot ! I like thrillers :) my books have to be exciting lol... I loved the twilight saga ... I'm a sucker for anything vampire ! ;) take care !!!