Saturday, November 20, 2010

Days Fly By

... Well another day and night went by and I didnt do anything crafty ... I did get some house work in though, which is a good thing ... but not fun ! lol ... Just seems like i dont have enough time in the day to do what needs to be done and what i WANT to do.  The days just fly by. its Friday.. what happened to wednesday ! ? I keep saying that i need a pause button for life.  Especially when it comes to my lil boy.  I feel as though I just had him and he is already two !! I just cant get over that.  Even my dog is growing up too fast.  He was just a lil fluff ball what seems like yesterday and now I have this big guard dog in my back yard.  I think someone switched them out when i wasnt looking.  When i stop and think about all these fly by days it is almost stressful.  There are so many things that i put off ... by saying oh ill do it tomorrow , and i never do.  There is always someting else i have to get done.  Anyone else do this or feel overwhelmed with life ? ... I think we all need to take just a lil time out of our days to spend on OURSELVES and not feel quilty about it.  We need to be able to brush off all the stress that piles on.  The other night i went outside and it was so nice and cool, there was a breeze the swept over my face and through my hair.  It was very relaxing to stand there under the moons light and just take in the peace and quiet. There were no sounds of traffic or loud stereos passing by, just the sounds of the wind passing through the trees.  That is the moment that i was able to really relax, and find that peace within again.  What gives you back your peace within ?? Is it sitting in a comfy spot and reading your favorite book ? ... or writing ?  or drawing , or sipping on a cup of hot tea or coffee??  Whatever it is, I think we need to do more of it.  I think people would be so much happier in life if they took a lil time out of thier day and just let go of all the negative or all the stress or all the worries that weigh down on them.  I have spoke to people who say things like.. hmm I used to draw.  and they sound so sad, like if that part of them died.  Cause life gets in the way.  Well,.. dont let that happen!  Leave me some comments letting me know how you find that peace within.  ... Thats all for now :)   I hope everyone has a GREAT day ! 
~ I'm Outie


  1. how true are your words about finding peace within and how we sometimes loose that element of ourselves. Personally My peaceful place is either crafting of some sort or reading. I do many crafty things draw paper crafts jewellary making x stitch etc i think so long as i am in my craft room i can relax and centre myself with a nice candles and incence and some sort of craft and im on my way to grounding and centreing again. Although chocolate is always a quick fix when on the go lol x

  2. @sticky vicky crafts... I love having candles around too.. they are the perfect touch to help set that relaxing mood... and you are soo right about the chocolate ! lol ... I also love to read... it is a great escape for me to just submerge myself in the story im reading. Thank You for visiting my blog and for the Wonderful comment! blessed be !

  3. Wow Kitty Kat, very inspirational post. You more than anyone know how I stress, but I had to say, my craft room, surrounded by paper is My comfort zone. While I'm in design mode, Im no ones mommy, wifie, servant or taxi, its just me, doing what I love to do. Out side, at night, with the moon shining down on your face is also a great place to find your self on some nights. Being around you, brandi and brandon is also another type of zone I just love to be in. I guess overall I have been blessed, with you , with brandi and the rest of my mafia crew! lol Thanks for such an awsome post, made me think and just reading about finding my zone made me take a deep breath and relax.
    i love you kiddo

  4. @ my lady... well im soo glad that just reading my post relaxed you :) ... We all need to remember to stop and take a nice deep breath every now and then . :) ((oops, i accidently deleted my own reply lol ))

  5. @Krystalsnights ive linked this post as it made me think if you want to read my thoughts please do at

    brightest blessings love and faerie dust