Monday, November 29, 2010

~ Rain Rain Rain ~

Today is Gorgeous !! It has been raining allll day and the sky is nice and dark. This weather relaxes me so much.  I really wish it would rain more often.  My baby and I sat outside for a lil while so we could enjoy the cool beautiful day.  Any of you like the rain?  Everyone I tell this too says im but I love it, always have. My cat came running up wanting to get in the house, he was funny! He was soaked and you could tell he was mad..haha... he just sat there looking at me like.. i hate you, open the door ! ... haha...  That is all for now, i just wanted to share a lil bit about my day, hope everyone is doing great.

~ I'm outie !


  1. afternoon,

    i personaly do not like the rain when its cold windy and damp. although saying that i love to sit outside in a thunderstorm just love nature

    love and faerie dust


  2. @vicky... I love to listen to the thunder... and love nature.... Except hot humid