Monday, November 29, 2010

~ Decisions Decisions ~

Hello hello ... How did everyone's weekend go ? Mine went really well, spent it out and about enjoying the cool weather.  My next outing will be to look at bird cages.  I love birds and am now trying to make my mind up on whether to get an Orange Weaver Finch or an Owl Finch.  About two years back I had a Rice Java Finch, Jasmine was her name, that I loved !! She was beautiful, solid snow white with a bright orange beak.  The song she sang everyday was very relaxing to me and unlike anything I had every heard before. (( R.I.P. Jasmine :(  ))... So I want to get another one that my son and I can enjoy together. They have wonderful personalities and are just soooo pretty.  Do any of you have either of these birds or ever had them?  Some tips or advice would be great to maybe help me make up my mind.  They are both beautiful so this is a hard decision for me.  Here is a picture of each bird so you can see for yourself how pretty each one is.  Let me know what you think... I might have to have everyone vote! lol ... if I cant make up my mind ;)

Here is the beautiful Owl Finch ... (female).. (( I like that Both the male AND female are pretty, unlike many other bird species where only the male is pretty.. how unfair is that !! ))
The Orange Weaver ... (( I Love orange and black !! so I find this lil guy to be just gorgeous. ))
I forgot to mention one more I'm interested in ... This one has an amazingly long tail !! I LOVE it !
This one is a Pentailed Whydah... Gorgeous!!

Let me know what you think :)


  1. looks wise id go with the pentail but i guess it all depends on temprement and i have never had a bird or been intrested in them i think my cats and dog would have something to say in fairness lol

    dont forget to let us know what u pick hun xx

  2. Well Kiddo you have talked so much about this darn birds that now I want one! lol I really like the Owl Finch now that I take a closer look at it. The orange one though, matches your colors and your mood. hmmm, I guess we are planning cage hunting road trip eh? lol Love ya kiddo

  3. @vicky... The pentail is so pretty huh !! He is the more aggresive of the three...with other males. but does fine with a female in the cage. i would start out with only him at first anyways. my cats are probably not to go be very happy either lol. I will definatly let you knwo which one i chose... Thanks for the comment !!

    @My Lady... Yes !! we need to go cage hunting very SOON :) love you (and you have to want one ! how can you not.. they are soo pretty ! )

  4. hey sis
    i LOVE the way the owl finch looks. not so much the orange one... but since mom mentioned how it matched your house... i kinda started leaning towards the orange one.. but i think the owl is more YOU. ... you know since u R a night owl yourself. lol and the pentail is not a bird that seems like a cage is his home because he wouldnt be able to turn around easily in many cages... unless you get a larger one for just him. ANYWAYS i like the owl. its more YOU.

  5. @Brandi... Yeah ... the owl is beautiful.. and i agree .. it is mee.. lol... i guess that is the one im leaning towards. :)

  6. I love the owl finch. Be careful with the cat in the house though. I had a lil finch a few years back and she accidentally got out while I was trying to clean her page and well...let's just say the cat had a lil' treat. I almost killed that cat afterwards!!!!

  7. @Margaret.... that is awful !! how sad :( and my cats are vicious ! lol that lil bird wouldnt have a chance.