Monday, November 15, 2010

~ Hi Everyone

Hi everyone ... I'm excited to finally get my blog up and running.  I will be posting a card I just finished later on today, so leave me some comments let me know what you think :) ... Also, i am VERY excited to say that I am now a proud member of a GREAT design team.! It's called Just a feww Design Team... This team is full of friendly, energetic and very talented ladies.  We are getting ready to put a lot of Christmas items on ebay real soon .. So come and check us out.  You can find us very easly by just typing in JAFDT in the search bar on ebay. The card I will be posting later on there is actually a card challenge we just finished, I am anxious to see the cards all the other ladies made, they are all just so talented.  That is all for now, I hope everyone has a great day today !! ... Im enjoying my day here in sunny Florida ... cause ... well... its rainning ! I LOVE the rain, not so big on allll the sunshine allll the okay that really is all for now.


  1. awwww Your very first post! I like how you say IN SUNNY FLORIDA...Cause its raining! lol
    CAN'T wait to see your card on here.

    love ya

  2. I love your blog Krystal! It looks wonderful!!!! You chose a great color scheme for your theme!

  3. @ Just a few.... aka my lady ! ... i know.. im excited to have it up and going !!

  4. @Emily... thank you so much. I love it ! there was some debate though ... if it was tooo dark or not... i love it though. Your blog is also Very nice !