Monday, December 6, 2010

~Snowman Christmas Card~

Hi everyone... how are you guys doing this week ?? Have a good weekend ? I did... I went bowling with my husband and some of his friends from work... I havent bolwed in forever!! but it was a lot of fun.  Then afterwards i went out dancing... I LoVe to dance !!! :) .... so yeah that was my weekend... My Lady had my son alll weekend which he enjoyed a lot, he loves his Na Na... So now to the crafy stuff ;) ... This is a lil snowman card i made... I think he turned out cute.... I have glitter (stickles) all over him... so it catchs the light beautifuly... the inside I handstamped with different sized snowflakes the lil tag that reads Merry Christmas is layered and raised as are the sliver and blue snowflakes.... Also i added a removable tag that you can write something extra on... here it is, hope you guys like him!! ... have a GREAT day !!!

( *Keep Smiling* )

    ~I'm Outie


  1. very cute i wish i could think of things like this for myself lol


  2. @Vicky...aww Thank You ! :) All your comments make me feel so good about my work !! thank you for that !!