Wednesday, December 8, 2010

~ More Photos I've Taken ~

HI everyone.. Hope your day is going well.... Nothing crafty today... still not feeling too good so didnt get to make anything... but i did want to share some more photos I've taken.  I love looking up at the sky when it's full of nice dark clouds... and well the day i took these it was gorgeous ! Almost looks like a bad storm coming, doesn't it ??  I just had to photograph it.  I also like trees when they look all halloween-y.. so i love the way these trees are in the photos as well.  Hope you guys like my lil picutres... Have a Wonderful day ...byeeee.

( *Stay Strong* )

    ~I'm Outie


  1. Hi there,

    I'm a big fan of your mother's work so here I am to check you It is so rare to find someone who likes the dark, gloomy clouds and skies. I love them, and get the strangest looks when I tell people that.

    When I first read your "I'm Outie" sign-off, I thought - why is she talking about her belly button? Just thought I'd share that with you :).


  2. @mrsmorris... Hi... Glad to hear you like my mother's work, she is very talented... and i agree with you, most people think im wierd when i say i like the dark cloudy days.. :) but they relaxe me... glad to know i'm not the only one anymore:) ... and that is too funny about the belllybutton thing, i was wondering if anyone would say something about that lol... Thanks so much for the comment !!