Friday, December 17, 2010

~My First Mini Album~

Hey Hey,... Hope everyone had a great day !! This week has been soooo beautiful here.... at least to me.  IT has been raining!! I love it ~!~  Beautiful sky, cool breeze and the sound of rain outside = The best kind of weather :) .... Since I have been feeling better, I have worked on my paperbag album.  I am happy with the way it turned out, this is my first book i have ever made.  I enjoyed working on it and have already started another album (not a paper bag album though).   Here are just a couple pictures of it so you can see it.(There are also tags inside every page) I will be posting it on ebay soon, along with all the other Christmas items that my design team has posted.  You can check everything out by just typing in JAFDT in the search bar on ebay.  There is a variety of items, such as... Layouts, cards, paper bag albums, tear bears and pendants.. check us out :) ... So now for those pictures :) ...

( *! Smile !* )
    ~I'm ouuuttiieeee


  1. very pretty, glad you are feeling much better chick. It must be the days for trying new things as i made my first albums out of envies lol. are you already for christmas now?

  2. @ vicky .... THank you :) .... almost ready for christmas... Alllmost... still need a few more gifts .. then im done !! ...

  3. Beneath the tree of light and life, a blessing at this season of Jul!
    To all that sit at my hearth, today we are brothers, we are family, and I drink to your health!
    Today is a day to offer hospitality to all that cross my threshold in the name of the season.
    Soltice Blessings to all in the name of the Goddess and Green man may you all have a joyful and peaceful Jul. Merry Meet and Merry Part and Merry Meet again