Wednesday, December 29, 2010

~ Christmas is Gone ~

Hi everyone.. how are you ?~!~?  I hope you all had a GREAT Christmas !  I did.  We spent it at my Lady's house.  She cooked some great food, and gave us wicked gifts ! ... She gave me a GPS which i very much needed since i dont know my way around ! and ... and ..!! a CUDDLEBUG ! ... i am very excited with this one.. i have already embossed lots of paper ! and made a few cards with it. i love it ! as i knew i would.  She also surprised me and my sister with an early christmas trip.. It was a lot of fun ... my sister and i had NO IDEA where we were going .. the anticipation was almost tooo much ! ... She took us to pick out jewlery ! .. i love birds as you may know already if you have read my previous posts.. so I picked out some beautiful owl earrings ! they are gorgeous ! ... along with a couple other pieces.  She just spoils me and my sister with everything she gives us. we love it !! lol. ... thats not all but i wont list it all lol... she also got my son some awesome gifts .. that made my night watching him open them ! he is just sooo cute ! he said.. oohhh WWOOOW ... lol... His excitement was a gift all on its own.  My husband did good this year as well.. he got me a tablet ! which I LOVE ! . He also recieved reallyyy nice gifts from my Lady!!  .... What are some of the things you guys got ?? I would love to hear what you recieved ... and how excited your were !! ... Now it is time to plan a New Years party !! It is also my husband's birthday... yep.. he is a new years baby ! :) ... so we have a New Years / Birthday party. ... Well I hope everyone is staying warm, And I wish to all of you a very Happy and SAFE New Years !!    God Bless you allll !!!

( *Stay Safe* )
    ~Nothing but Love ~!~

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  1. Yay you got ur bug hun lol told ya the embossing is addictive lol sound slike you guys had a great time. Xmas is on hold for me till new yr have lots of stuff to get in the UK craft haul time lol x have agreat new yr chick stay safe hun x