Wednesday, December 8, 2010

~ Shock collars... Like them or Not ? ~

Hey Hey... How's everyones day been ?? ... Mine.. not so good been feeling a lil sick since yesterday :( not fun.  Sore throat, head hurting... all that stuff.... but hopefully I'll get better soooon cause I have been wanting to make some stuff, but just haven't had the energy to do so. ... Anyways.... Have any of you put a shock collar on your dog ?? I always thought,.. oh how awful.. poor dog... ... UNTIL I got my new dog .. lol ... He is a beautiful.. ( well in my eyes he is beautiful of course :) )  German Shephard I named Lobo..... A couple months back he started with serious excessive barking ... Made me CRAZY !! and I know the poor neighboors had to hate it as well... sssssssssooooooooo we got him a brand nnnew collar ;) .... It worked like a charm !!! NO more barking.. it was GREAT !! ... I left it on him for about a month, then like a week ago I took it off, I knew he would probably appreciate the break from it, and I was hoping that it made a big enough impression on him so that I wouldn't have to put it back on. Well, IT WORKED !! :) He hardly ever barks... and now when he does I know he actually has a reason.  So my verdicted on shock collars is... I like them.  If used correctly of course ! ... It trained him well.  Now I ( and my neighboors, i'm sure) am very happy.  :) .... I just thought I would share that lil bit with everyone... see if any of you have success stories :) ... I hope the rest of the week goes Perfectly for you alll...

  ( *Stay Strong* )

~I'm Outie


  1. So glad it worked for Lobo...NOW if you can find me an ANTI STUPID collar I want one! Gabbie is wild! lol poor dog, I know you think she is ugly and fat but she not, she is beautiful and slender but WILD! lol I hope you get to feeling better kiddo!
    "lady" aka Mother!

  2. hope your feeling better soon chick, drink of the faeries, warm milk and honey with ease that sore throat and you could always add a drop of or friend jack lol.

    shock collors . . . . so long as used correctly I dont see a problem no different to a rap on the mussel really is it?!?! As a training add fair enough but a perminant thing i dont think so IMO x

    hope your feeling better soon

    love and faerie hugs


  3. @Lady.. haha your funny and anti~stupid collar..hahah if only those exsisted....thats a lab puppy for you .. wild wild... byee

    @Vicky...Hey, thanks for the tip girl, i will have to try that, cause i think my throat hurts worse this morning.. and now i have a caugh !! I have a Doc. appointment tomorrow... so hopefully i will get some meds that work fast! :) And that is my thought on the shock collar... as long as its used correctly and hopeully not needed all for them. have a great day ! thanks for always leaving me great comments !