Thursday, December 23, 2010

~ Fingers Crossed ~

Hey everyone ... I know i have been quiet for a lil while ... But i have had a lot going on.  Getting ready for Christams and my poor husband has been soooo sick !! So i have been playing nurse trying to get him better.  He has been doing pretty bad for a week now.  So say a prayer for me so he will get better soon .. Thank you !! .....How are all of you doing ???  Ready for Christams ?? I hope so being that Christmas Eve is tomorrow !! ................ Well on a different note... I have signed up to try and win some cute Blog candy on Kristy Youngs blog page.  It is full of these cute little stamps that i have been wanting for a lil while now ! It would be great if i won ! I never win anything !! :( ... So fingers crossed for me !! :)  She also has some reallly pretty cards that she has made.  I have a link to her blog over on my side bar.  .... Well i hope you all have a very Happy and SAFE Christmas !! God Bless you alll !!

( *Stay Warm* )
    ~I'm Outiieee

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