Monday, January 3, 2011

~ Not looking forward to next week ~

Hiee... how is everyone ???? Hope your New Year is off to a good start.  It just hit me that I start classes next week !!!! ... Can't believe how fast time is flying by. I'm not looking forward to starting school. I have Never liked it.  I'm good at it, just dont like it.  I also dont like the thought of HAVING to be somewhere at a certain time and HAVING to sit there and listen to someone talk knowing i could be doing something i WANT to be doing :) ... lol....But i know its for the best.  I wish i was like my mother... she has always liked school..i have Noooo idea why ..... My sister doesnt seem to complain about it either.  Guess I'm the only one .... I still need to get my books, so i guess I'll look into that tomorrow along with getting my student badge...  I really hope that I like my instructors.!! They have the Power of making you Love or absolutely Hate the class.  .... So please with me luck ! :)   hope everyone has a Great week!!!

( *Stay Warm* )
    ~Nothin ' but Love


  1. Hey chick the best of luck for school, what are you going to be studying? Christmas and new yr went by way to quick this yr how the CB doing? Im sure your tutors will be great and there will be no problems be inspired by them and your love for what you study. Thinking of you and you know you will have lots of positive vibes coming from this side of big blue love and faerie dust vikkie

  2. Wow.. thanks for everything you said... made me feel better about the whole school thing.. I'll remember to stay positive about the whole experience.. that is the same thing my Lady keeps telling me. :) ... I'm taking my pre-req's right now, but will be going for Radiology. and i LOve my CB.... have embossed lots already lol.... take care !! thanks for all the positive vibes your sending my way !

  3. Baby, Your going to do great! You have high school-mares, college will be so different, I pray you love it!! Maybe between Vickies +vibes and my prayers You will do great!!!!
    Love ya