Monday, January 17, 2011

~ Card in the making ~

Hi , hope everyone is doing well.  I have been so busy and becuase of that have not been able to make anything recently :(  BUT my mother has just given her design team , which I am apart of, a new Valentine's challenge. So I am really wanting to get started on that. I LOVE valentine's Day, I really like all of the colors and decorations for this holiday, though I never decorate for it lol.  I guess since red and black are my favorite colors and I love hearts I just couldnt NOT love it .. lol.... So I will be posting the card on here very soon. :) byeee

    ~ Nothin but Love ~!~


  1. Hey again Krystal....Best wishes with going back to school....I hope all goes well for you!!....looking forward to seeing your card!!...Awesome blog by the you background!! stay cool Kim

  2. Hi Kim... Thank you so much for the sweet comment... :) School is going great so far! thank God, I hope it stays that way !