Saturday, January 8, 2011

~ My First Video of my First Album ~

Hiee... I hope everyone has had a great week. Mine has been busy, but good :) ... I have finally got a youtube channel so that I can show some of the items I have completed, or some that are in the making :) ... Here is my first video, of my first album... Hope you guys like it and that it maybe makes you want to go out and make one of your own ! :) ... Have a great weekend everyone!!!


( *Stay Safe* )
    ~ Nothin' but Love ~!~


  1. Well done on the first video love the album and the bling of course x good luck for school on monday and look forward to hearing all about it hun x

  2. @ vikkie... Thank you. I had fun making it. and i also just Love the bling ! Thanks for the luck for school, I'm sure I'll post alllll about it lol..

  3. Hi Krystal...Love your mini album and your first video!! you are sooo two make me are so funny natural!!

  4. Hi Krystal, I follow your mom's blog and bought one of her kits. I love you mini - it does not even look like a paper bag mini - love how you did the spine and the extra inner flaps too!

  5. @Kim... thank you so much... Couldnt do it without her !! :)

    @Sheryl... Thank you for your support on my moms blog :) ... and thank you for the compliment on my mini. this was my first one ever and i just loved it!!!
    ~Nothin' But Love