Wednesday, January 12, 2011

~ School ~

hey hey.. hope everyone is doing great !! ... Well for those of you that have been following my posts, you know that I have very recently started taking classes and the university.  So far I have gotten two,first days, of class out of the way.  The instructors for these two classes seem good so far.  They have friendly personalities and neither got on my nerves ... lol... so that is a plus.  I just hope that I continue on likeing them through out the full duration of class !! Have another class to go to tomorrow and it's the one I'm most dreading ... MMMMath !!!! I have always hated that subject and seem to have put up a strong wall against numbers... not good.... So I am RREallyyy hoping that I like the instructor for this class, since they pretty much make the class likable or not.  Wish me luck , say a pray, do a spell... anything !! I need it all to get through math :) ...  I hope all of you have a great week , strees free ......

( *Take it one day at a time* )
    ~Nothin' but Love ~!~

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