Saturday, April 30, 2011

~ Mother's Day Card ~

Soooo I should be studing for my many finals next week... buuut.... I made a card I couldn't fight the urge to create something ... that and I am the Queen of Procrastination !! yes yes ... you may all bow to mee :) hmhmhm ... soo here are a few pictures of the card I made :) It's done is nice soft colors, lavender and pink :)  I like how it turned out.  Hope you guys do as well. ... Just in time for Mother's Day ...

So there it is :) hope you like... Have a great weekend you guys !! byee

    Nothin but Love ~


  1. hey hunnym loving all the recent crafts and well done with all your recent school achievments . . told you ud be fine have faith in yourself.
    look forward to ur ustream i will be there lol xoxo hugs xox vikkie

  2. @ Vikkie... Thank You girl.... :) ... feels good to finally make something.. I've been so busy. Two more finals to go then I'm done ! :)
    Take Care