Sunday, April 17, 2011

~ Kit and Ustream for Mini ~

Hi everyone... okay.. so I have made a date for the Ustream class where I will be showing how to make the mini, like the one I made for my mother.  I have had many requests for a tutorial and for a kit, so in order for those who wanted a kit to get one in time... the class is scheduled for Sunday, May 8th at 6:00 p.m.  ... In the video I show the mini and talk about everything that will come in the kit.. Here is the list of items that are included...  :) ...  
  • Enough paper to complete the book ( 5 pages )   
  • precut paper that I will show you how to fold during our UStream class
  • 6 precut photo mats
  • 2 yards of ribbon in coordinating colors of 2 colors = 4 yards (Correction)
  • 3 binding rings
  • 10 precut tags
  • 20 decorative journalling/photo mats
  • chipboard for front and back covers
  • plus a few lil extras to embellish. please note that none of the bling is included with this kit.

I am having some problems getting the button for purchasing the kit to work plus Youtube has removed teh Embed button!!! so for now if you want to see the video of the mini album please click HERE it should take you to my youtube video and  I will have paypal button up and running tomorrow.

Have patience with me lol..... I am still new to all of this :) But everything will be working tomorrow... :) but at least you have the heads up and the information you need :)  Thanks so much for all the support and encouragment to jump into this ! .. You guys have kept me going :)  ... I hope all of you have a great weekend ! byee for now

    Nothin but LOVE


  1. I love it! Can't wait until your ustream! You are doing great girl!

  2. @Sue... Thank you ! I appreciate that :) :) and cant wait to chat it up at the ustream class lol
    take care

    Nothin' but Love

  3. I want to buy the kit cant wait for the class. I will keep checking to see if the kit is up yet thanks

  4. @auntdi.... Thank you for you patience... the button is up now :)

    Nothin' but Love