Friday, April 29, 2011

~ An Early Birthday Gift ~

Hi :) ... I hope everyone is having a great day.... Mine is going very well, not much happening, just sitting at home with my lil one watching Megamind.  Have you guys seen it ? Its a funny cartoon.  so anyways... yesterday someone gave me an early birthday gift! :) I love gifts ... and realy love early ones ! My birthday isnt till the 10th of May so it is really early :) ... I read Tarot cards, have been for many years, and a friend from class surprised me with not only the deck I have been wanting for a long time, but an addition one as well! :) The art work on both is so nice ! I spent all night looking at each and every card.  But now I have to tell myself to put them aside so I can do less fun stuff like.....Study    :( ... I have finals next week and have lots to go over... Please wish me luck you guys :)   I will need every bit :) .... I hope all of you have a perfect day !  Take care

    Nothin but Love


  1. Hi Krystal, We watched Megamind the other week, it is funny, have you guys seen Tangled? We went to see it in the cinema a while back and we loved it.
    Good luck for your finals, hope they go well. Our eldest is just about to sit exams too so I know the stress you probably feel

  2. @Tracy... Yes we loved Tangled ... We have watched it over and over :) I havent tired of it yet... thank you for the luck on my finals :) ... I really hope I do well. Finally got some study time in tonight ! Proud of myself lol.. Take care