Tuesday, April 12, 2011

~ Don't Forget Me ~

Hi everyone... how are you guys ??? I hope everyone is doing great ! I know I have been missing for a lil while... sorry about that ! .... I have been busy with school, my beautiful baby, and been feeling a lil under the weather :( .... But I have Not been ignoring the many requests for the tutorial on the mini I made for my mother.  That is comeing soon.... I will post on here the date and time ... Hopefully I will be able to do it this weekend for you guys... Just keep an eye out :) .... I'm off to feed my lil one :) Take care !!!! byee for now

Nothin' but Love


  1. Hi Krystal,
    Awesome to hear you will do a tut on the mini. Hope all is well with study, and that you get time to spend with the little one and hubby.
    Love yah
    XX :-)

  2. Hi Krystal - looking forward to the mini tutorial! Zola Winnie

  3. I want to buy KIT FOR THE someone special mini book. please where can I buy it thanks so much cant wait for your class.