Monday, March 21, 2011

~ Too Many Thoughts ~

Hiee... How are you guys doing ?? I really enjoyed chatting it up with you ladies during my Lady's Ustream class.... How are you comeing with the mini ??? I have been so busy, so I'm not done with mine yet... I have worked a lil on it though... cant wait to see it finished... I am really happy with the colors I chose.... I will post a couple pics when its done so you can seeee :) .... Its 1:18 in the morning,,, and of course I'm still awake... I am sleepy though ... I just have sooo much on my mind... you guys ever get overwhelmed with thoughts ?? My body is telling me to go to bed, but my brain wont slow down ! ... I want to craft.. I Neeeeed to study for some tests I have this week.. and some other thoughts thrown into the mix... all this equals sleepless I need more time.... cause it is just passing me by.. !! .... ... well I hope all of you are sleeping well !! :) ... May you all have a great week !   byeee for now

( *Relax* )
    ~Nothin but LOVE


  1. Hope you got your rest!! I just had a night like that last night. Hate those nights coz you just watch the clock!

  2. Hi Stephanie, i finally did . thank you :) Once i was in bed I was out. ... Hope you got your rest as well :) ... Enjoyed chatting with you during the Ustream class ! :)