Saturday, March 5, 2011

~ A Finished Card & Album & A New Puppy ! ~

Hey peeps !! How are all of you doing ? Hope everyones week went well and that your weekends are off to a great start........ Well I have finished a card and a mini album... both of which I am excited to show you, but I've been having technical difficulties lol ..!! .. not fun.... Hopefully tomorrow I will have everything worked out and you guys can have a look~see :) ... I have started on another album, that I'm excited about, so I hope it turns out nicely :) ... Now moving on to puppy news .... We picked out a pup today, one that I think is not only cute, but has a great lil personality on him.  Me, my baby and my mother get to go and pick him up tomorrow.... Of course my mother has to go with me ! I drag her everywhere!! lol ... She hasn't seen him yet, so I'm hopeing she likes him ! Can't wait to get him home so he and my son can start playing ! ... They hit it off right away... there were two other puppies along with this one, but he was the only one who whimpered when Brandon turned to walk away... everyone with me now... aaaawwwwww.... lol.... Oh! aaannd ... He is a red head like me ! lol... I have only had black or really dark colored dogs in my past, so this is a change for me.   So yeah... I give it about a day for the puppy excitement to be over and done with for me..hahaha.  They are always so fun to bring home ... but then... they start crying ! and scratching at Then come the regret thoughts.... like..... oh Lord ! What have I gotten myself into ??? Anyone ever fel that way after getting a lil puppy ??  ... Okay well... Wish me luck with our new addition :) I look forward to seeing you guys at my Lady's uStream class tomorrow !! I always have sooo much fun talking with all you ladies.... I should have my pup by that time tomorrow, so maybe I can show you guys .. lol..... okay... Have a Great night.... !!

( *Have Fun* )
    ~Nothin' but LOVE


  1. ha! One week of loving the puppy and a year of regret! lol He is a really pretty puppy though. Good job!

  2. lol yess... regreting it already... no, I like him... and im glad that YOU think he is pretty ... didnt think you would like him.. Brandon Loves him !! ...