Wednesday, March 23, 2011

~ Math Test and Puppies ~

soooo... I have a math test today, and I am NOT looking forward to it !... but who looks forward to a math test !? lol..... I stayed up last night studying... cause Night is the only time I can get anything done :) ... Hopefully I wont do too bad ! .... but.... Wish me luck  ! :) ....... I havent posted pictrues of my new puppy I told you guys about, so I figured I would do that before he grows anymore... This has been the Fastest growing puppy I've ever had ! .... My Lady says he isnt a puppy.. she says he's well here are some pictures of Romeo. 

Here he is being sleepy....

Here is Romeo and my other beautiful puppy, Lobo

Here they are asleep... They sleep like this pretty much every night, and every nap.  Too cute, huh ? :)

    ~Nothin but LOVE


  1. awwwwwwwwwwwwwww Krystal your puppy is tooo cute!!....what a sweet pic! Goodluck with your Math test gurl!! fingers crossed you pass....Huggz Kimi xxx

  2. They are cute arent they ! just have to love puppies.... and thanks for the luck on my test... I took it earlier.. and i think i did good..!! .. cant wait to see my grade ... :) take care !! :)

  3. The puppies are adorable !!!! and hope your Maths results come back ok x

  4. @pixie... Thank you :) .... I think i did good on my test.. but wont know for sure for another 2 weeks !! that is way to long to I might just have to email the instructor and demand my grade !! :)
    Take Care !

  5. 2 super cute Man XXX

    Another mini to scrap those pix into, dont yah just love em to bitz ? x

    xx :-)

  6. these are the biggest puppies in the history of puppies! lol gotta love ya'