Thursday, March 17, 2011

~ During Our Trip ~

ok..... welllll... I said I would post some pictures of our trip for you guys.. but my mother created this wonderful video containing pictures And embarrassing video clips of me dancing lol !!! .. but I had lots of fun, and in the end came out a winner... yep yep .. won myself a WII .. lol ... We drank , danced and gambled..... our trips are always full of fun ! .... sooo here it is... lol.... me dancing in front of a huge room full of people !! hhahaha

~Nothin but Love !


  1. Hi Krystal-

    I saw your mother's video of your vacation. Congrats on your winning that is AWESOME! And, you were moving too girl.

    I love that you and your mother do crafts together. My 19 year old daughther and I also do crafts together and I love it! Take care.

    Hugs~Tracey J.

  2. Thank you :) ... I had a lot of fun.. :) ... Glad to hear that you and your daughter are close as well.. I couldnt ask for a more perfect mother :)
    take care