Monday, May 16, 2011

~ Great Class ~

Hey you guys... Just wanted to say that it was so nice chatting with all of you during the class !! and thanks so much for your patience while we were trying to get Ustream up and working for us :) ... All of the encouragement and compliments that you guys give really pushes me to continue ! I have some new folds I came up with tonight for some new minis... I will try to get them both made so all of you can seeee :) Hopefully you'll like them ! .. very simple.... Okay well it's 2 in the morning... of course I'm up.....  but I'm going to try and force myself to go to bed ! Have homework to do tomorrow :( Goodnight All

    Nothin but Love !!


  1. I watched the class and it ROCKED! I am sorry I couldn't be there, but I will hopefully be next time!

  2. @Creative... Thank you so much ! that is so nice to hear, i was a lil nervous it being my first class. :) ... I hope you are able to come to the next one as well :)
    Nothin but Love !