Thursday, February 17, 2011

~ So What Did You Get ? ~

   Hi everyone... I know my blog has kinda been in abeyance for a lil while... but I hope to get back to posting like I used to.... School has really taken up time ! lol ..I don't get to create as much :(  But I do have a mini album in the works... It is taking me a lil while to finish it since I'm busy all the time... but I should have it done soooome time soon... lol.. Anyways.. I was just wondering what you guys got for Valentine's Day... Flowers? Candy? Or did you go out to eat some yummy food? Watch a movie? I would love to hear how you guys spent your V. Day.... .... I sold my card !! (The one I posted a couple days back) So I am happy about that.. :). It sold ON Valentine's Day... So that made my day even better :)   I Hope everyday for you is a GREAT one !!

( *Keep Smiling* )
    ~Nothin' but Love ~!~

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