Thursday, February 24, 2011

~ I Got An "A" !! ~

Soooo.... I am feeling good... All of my classes are going really well, and I just recieved my Math test and I made an "A" !! uuuhhh .. it felt sooo good to see that written at the top of the page circled in red, that I did a lil shimmy right there in class, lol... it completely slipped my mind I was standing in the front of the class !! hahah ... So yeah... Things are good :) ... Want to say "Thank You" to both my Mother and to my blogger friend Vikkie.  You guys gave me such strong words of encouragement to push through the nervousness of starting school.... Vikkie made me beautiful cards and wrote such inspiring words !! Thank you both !! means a lot to have people backing me :) .... I hope everyone's week is going well. byeeee

( *! Smile !* )
    ~Nothin' but LOVE


  1. YAY well done you see knew you would be fine. First one is always the hardest and now thats out the way u know you are going to be fine with anything you do. NO need for thanx hun you are more than welcome and have complete faith in you. Just have the faith in yourself. hugs and faerie kisses vikkie xx

  2. Krystal, Congrats girl!!! I'm soooo proud of you!! I bet moms so proud of you too, but shes proud of ya anyway, its just an added bonus!!! I sooooo know what youre talking about. I didnt get my diploma many many years ago because I screwed off and didnt have enough credits. Aaaahhh, I've gotten through all these yrs, been a hair stylist for 23 yrs. I often thought about going to back to school after all those years but for one, I was raising 4 kids and a hubby, two, I worked alot and 3, I thought.....I'm not really that smart, I would never make it. Well, 3 of my kids are all grown up and my youngest is 16, I decided, you know what, no more excuses, I'm gonna at least try. So, I made an appointment to take my college placement tests. I was soooo worried, I mean I didnt even get my GED. You know what??? I took those tests and I tested over college level. I asked my counselor, what does that mean??? She says you can be a college student and your eligible for financial aid.....and you just saved yourself a bunch of money because you dont have to take all the pre req because you scored so high!!!! AAAAAHHHHH.....I couldnt believe it, I was soooo proud of myself cause all this time I didnt follow through with my education cause I thought I'd never be able to do it. But you know what ??? WE CAN DO ANYTHING WE SET OUR MINDS TO!!! Keep up the good work!!! :)

  3. @Vikkie... Your soo sweet vikkie.. thank you !

    @ChrissyGirl.. wow.. good for you !! Thats great. I'm glad to hear you gave yourself a chance :) ... and yes I agree, we can do anythigng we set our minds to.. you and i are proof :) ... THank you for your comment, you just gave me even more encouragment to continue on ... I hope everyday is great for you!