Thursday, February 3, 2011

~ Finally Better ! ~

So I'm feeling soo much better and was Finally able to make a card ! ... This is my first Valentine's card. It is an easel card, which are my favorite to make...I am happy with the way it turned out... the colors are in white, pinks and lil hints of red.  Felt great to be making stuff again.  Here are a few pictures of my new card, so you guys can have a looks-see :)  Let me know what you think. :)   I hope you all have a GREAT weekend ! Stay safe... and Warm ! .. byee

Front :)
 Front standing view ...
 Side standing view...

 So there it is... hope you guys like it :)

( *Stay Warm* )
    ~Nothin' but Love !


  1. glad to see your feeling better hun has been quiet with out u . . . the card is lovely hun you did a great job and remind me i really must make hubbies card lol hugs vikkie

  2. :).. Thanks Vikkie... I'm glad the flu is gone ! it was awful !